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Same Day Weightbearing Bunion Surgery

New Patented State-of-the-Art Fixation Method for Bunion Correction:

 Patients walk sooner getting back to daily routines

Correction of a severe bunion deformity can sometimes be a complicated process.  There are a variety of techniques and most require you the patient to be non-weight bearing 4-6 weeks or longer (depending on the procedure) in a cast.  However, a new technology device has been introduced to the market allowing patients to walk immediately following surgery or soon thereafter.

The Merete Ludloff Correction Plate is a patented fixation method that has been proven to enhance recovery time for the hallux valgus (bunion) procedure.

Before this system was introduced to the market, a biomechanical study was completed to insure the fixation could provide early weight bearing for you the patient.  The study was completed in 2009 and accepted by the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons research committee and presented at the AAOS annual meeting.

The ludloff osteotomy correction procedure takes less than one hour and your doctor may explain the procedure in further detail.  You may visit the Merete website for additional information at  Below is an image of what the corrected procedure looks like under an x-ray image. If you are concerned or considering  not having corrective bunion surgery because it might limit your work or daily activities, you may want to consider having the ludloff bunion correction with the Merete Ludloff Correction Plate.