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Meet the Staff:
Dr. Philip Wrotslavsky

Dr. Philip Wrotslavsky specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of infant, children and adult patients with medical conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg structures.


What our patients have to say about us:

With Dr. Wrotslavsky as my surgeon, I had a fast healing process with hardly any pain. The experience was way better than I expected, compared to other people that had the same procedure done by other surgeons. The results were fabulous – I was back in shoes in 10 days and now I have no pain!
JO, Del Mar CA
Dr. Wrotslavsky has treated me for diabetic ulcers and Charcot foot. I had multiple ulcers on my toes and feet, which required several surgeries, and the use of a cast. I am grateful that both of my feet, including my toes, remain intact. I now walk with a mold for my ankle in my shoes. Dr. Wrotslavsky has always been supportive to my family, and I appreciate his genuine concern for my well-being.
JW, San Diego CA
While I expected to be off my feet for a long time, I was pleasantly surprised to be back in sneakers just 10 days after bunion surgery. Dr. Wrotslavsky was kind and concerned with my well-being throughout, and returned my phone calls promptly after surgery. In addition, the hospital experience was friendly, professional, and efficient. Overall, the entire process exceeded my expectations.
AB, Poway CA
I had bunion surgery more than 3 years ago with Dr. Wrotslavsky and have had no pain since. I wear dress shoes without any discomfort. My work as a real estate broker requires me to be on my feet constantly. I have also recommended several friends to him who have had similar results after surgery with Dr. Wrotslavsky.
LP, La Jolla, CA
I have been under Dr. Wrotslavsky care for many years for diabetic related problems. I have had bone infections requiring procedures that included hospitalization under his care. During this time, Dr. Wrotslavsky actively recruited several specialists to help with my care. Dr. Wrotslavsky has used skin replacement materials that have allowed my foot ulcers to fully heal, and now I can even walk independently with a mold in my shoe. He never gave up working on my foot, and his care was personal, extremely attentive, and most professional.
JF, Santee CA
Arthritis in both of my big toe joints was preventing me from doing the things that I loved to do. Dr. Wrotslavsky operated on both of my feet at the same time, which significantly reduced my post-operative recuperation time. I can now enjoy activities like hiking with no pain.
KW, Escondido
I have been a diabetic for 3 years and developed an ulcer on my toe. Three previous surgeons all reached the conclusion that there was no possible way of saving my toe. Dr. Wrotslavsky removed the infected bone and put a graft on, and now I have all my toes and can use sneakers to get around. Dr. Wrotslavsky truly is an outstanding and knowledgeable physician.
RB, Rancho Bernardo
Dr. Wrotslavsky was very patient and thorough with his explanation of the bunion procedure. He answered all my questions over several visits, on the phone, and with my husband and I together. I was back in sneakers in 10 days after surgery. The process was smoother and simpler than I anticipated.
AF, San Diego, CA