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Anti Fungal Spray and cream

Tineacide® Anti Fungal Shoe Spray

Destroys 99.9% of fungus and bacteria on contact
Aids in the prevention of the skin fungus that causes fungal nails
Disinfects and deodorizes
Penetrates, unlike powders and aerosols, for long lasting protection
Eliminates odor
Clinically tested
Ideal for treating non-washables (such as shoes, athletic gear, sports padding, helmets, gym bags, etc.)
Also treats Athlete’s Foot
Over 500 doses in one bottle
Active Ingredient – Undecylenic Acid

When sprayed directly into the shoe, Tineacide® Shoe Spray will kill 99.9% of fungus and bacteria on contact. This will reduce cross-contamination from infected shoes, aid in the healing process and diminish fungal infections.

Anti Fungal Spray And Cream Combination