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Dr. Wrotslavsky was took the time to properly explain the bunion procedure. He answered all my questions and even answered my e-mails. I returned to running 4 weeks after the surgery. The surgery experience went much smoother than I thought it would, I could not believe how fast I was back in shoes .
AF, San Diego, CA

I underwent bunion surgery about 5 years ago with Dr. Wrotslavsky and have had no pain since. I can mow wear my high heels without any discomfort. My work as a teacher requires me to be standing on my feet all day. I can now do that thanks to Dr. Wrotslavsky.
LP, La Jolla, CA

I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to go back into sneakers after surgery. Dr. Wrotslavsky was very attentive to my well-being throughout, he returned my phone calls right away after surgery. In addition, his staff was very helpful with setting up appointments that fit my schedule. the entire process was well worth it.
AB, Poway CA

I was being cared for by Dr. Wrotslavsky with diabetic issues. I had bone infections requiring surgery and hospitalization . During this time, he brought together several specialists to help with my care. Dr. Wrotslavsky has used skin grafting and reconstructive surgery that have allowed my foot ulcers to fully heal, and now I can even walk independently with an orthotic in my shoe. He never gave up working on my foot, and his care was top notch.
JF, Santee CA

Dr. Wrotslavsky has treated me for diabetic ulcers and Charcot foot. I had multiple ulcers on my toes and feet, which required several surgeries, and the use of a cast. I am grateful that both of my feet, including my toes, remain intact. I now walk with a mold for my ankle in my shoes. Dr. Wrotslavsky has always been supportive to my family, and I appreciate his genuine concern for my well-being.
JW, San Diego CA

With Dr. Wrotslavsky as my surgeon, I had a fast healing process with no pain. The experience was much better than I expected. I had painful hammertoes that he straightened out. Now I can get in to any shoe in my closet, pain free.
JO, Del Mar CA

I have been a diabetic for 3 years and developed an ulcer on my toe. Three other surgeons reccomended to amputate my leg. Dr. Wrotslavsky took out the infected bone , and i was able to keep all my toes . Dr. Wrotslavsky is an outstanding and caring physician.
RB, Rancho Bernardo

I had arthritis in both of my big toe joints, which was preventing me from playing golf. Dr. Wrotslavsky did surgery on both of my feet at the same time, which reduced my post-operative down time by alot. I am now back on the golf course with no pain.
KW, Escondido