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Intoeing means that your feet turn inward instead of pointing straight ahead during walking or running. This is commonly found among children at various ages and for different reasons. Intoeing is a torsional deformity that can be attributed to either the foot the leg or the hip (or a combination).

The cause of intoeing depends on where the torsional deformity is stemming from. There are three common conditions causing intoeing: curved foot (metatarsus adductus), twisted shin (tibia torsion), and twisted thigh bone (increased femoral anteversion). Each of these conditions may run in families. They also can simply occur on their own or in association with other orthopaedic problems. Prevention is not usually possible because they occur from developmental or genetic problems that can’t be controlled for.
Treatment can range from serial casting to physical stretching to orthotics. The most important thing is to properly evaluate where the deformity is stemming from.